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If you have accidentally stumbled upon this site already or have been lucky enough to have been provided with a preview link, you will see that content is being added day by day. Hopefully by the time of the Mannschaft’s first fixture of the 2010-2011 season, I should have completed all of the essential details of the team’s qualifying campaigns from Mexico 1986.

So far I have written up overviews of the shirts worn from 1987 onwards, though some of these need beefing up a bit; I have also compiled all of the final tournament results, which include Germany team line-ups, yellow/red cards and match officials. I have even augmented these with flags to make them look that little more Niedlich und Hubsch. The flags came in a neat little package, but history being what it is I have had to create a few myself to ensure the right level of Teutonic accuracy – Georgia and Yugoslavia to name but two.

I have now also added the details of each qualifying campaign, which will consist of all the results and an overview. Some of these have already been completed and more will be added as I find the time. To ensure that everything is just-so, I have actually been re-watching a few classic games to ensure that the minutae is as correct as possible. Of course, if you feel that anything is incorrect or if you simply have an opinion – perhaps you were there at one of the games – feel free to comment.

Viel Spaß!

I’m getting there…
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