The qualifying tournament for 1962 FIFA World Cup in Chile placed Germany in a three team group against Northern Ireland and Greece, which saw the Mannschaft emerge with the maximum eight points from their four games, scoring eleven goals and conceding five, three of which came in an tight 4-3 victory in Belfast against the Irish.

Match Results and Details

v Northern Ireland, Windsor Park, Belfast, 26.10.1960
Northern Ireland

4-3 (1-1)
Brülls 7., Seeler 53., Dörfel 55., 79. / McAdams 27., 51., 90.

Team: Tilkowski – Erhardt (c), Schnellinger – Giesemann, Wilden, Szymaniak – R. Kreß, Brülls, Seeler, G. Herrmann, G. Dörfel

v Greece, Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium, Athens, 20.11.1960

3-0 (3-0)
Dörfel 8., Brülls 31., Haller 42. / –

Team: Tilkowski – Lutz, Schnellinger – Giesemann, Erhardt (c), Szymaniak – R. Kreß, Haller, Seeler, Brülls, G. Dörfel

v Northern Ireland, Olympiastadion, Berlin, 10.05.1961
Northern Ireland

2-1 (1-0)
Kreß 29., Brülls 58. / McIlroy 69.

Team: Tilkowski – Erhardt (c), Schnellinger – J. Werner, Wilden, Szymaniak – R. Kreß, G. Herrmann, Seeler, Stürmer, Brülls

v Greece, Rosenaustadion, Augsburg, 22.10.1961

2-1 (2-0)
Seeler 5., 27. / Papaemmanouil 59.

Team: Tilkowski – Nowak, Schnellinger – W. Schulz, Erhardt (c), Giesemann – R. Kreß, G. Herrmann, Seeler, Haller, Brülls

Final Group Standings

GermanyGermany FR (Q)4400115+68
Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland410378-12

Other results: Greece 2-1 Northern Ireland; Northern Ireland 2-0 Greece.

Goals Summary: Brülls, Dörfel, Seeler (3), Haller, Kreß (1). Total 11.

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