Having been excluded from the 1950 tournament following the end of the Second World War, Germany – now the Federal Republic – returned to the fold for the 1954 tournament. The qualifying round saw them grouped with Norway and the Saar – at the time a protectorate of France and member of FIFA. Curiously, the Saarland side was coached by one Helmut Schön – who was to become Sepp Herberger’s assistant when the region voted to become part of Germany in 1956.

Herberger’s side played four games in their qualifying group, two home and two away: after coming from behind to claim a point in Oslo against the Norwegians, they won their remaining three games, topping the group with seven points and a total of twelve goals.

Match Results and Details

v Norway, Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo, 19.08.1953

1-1 (1-1)
F. Walter 44. / Hennum 41.

Team: Turek – E. Retter, Kohlmeyer – Eckel, Posipal, Schanko – H. Rahn, Morlock, O. Walter, F. Walter (c), Ha. Schäfer (42. Pfaff)

v Saarland, Neckarstadion, Stuttgart, 11.10.1953

3-0 (1-0)
Morlock 13, 51., Schade 71. / –

Team: Turek – E. Retter, Erhardt – Mai, Posipal (c), Gottinger (38. Eckel) – H. Rahn, Morlock, Ho. Schade, Metzner, Ha. Schäfer

v Norway, Volksparkstadion, Hamburg, 22.11.1953

5-1 (1-1)
Morlock 27., 63., O. Walter 69., F. Walter 80., Rahn 86. / Nordahl 26.

Team: Turek – E. Retter, Kohlmeyer – Eckel, Posipal, Mai – H. Rahn, Morlock, O. Walter, F. Walter (c), R. Herrmann

v Saarland, Ludwigsparkstadion, Saarbrücken, 28.03.1954

3-1 (1-0)
Morlock 37., 51., Schäfer 83. / Martin pen 67.

Team: Turek – E. Retter, Kohlmeyer – Posipal, Liebrich, Schanko – H. Rahn, Morlock, F. Walter (c) (31. O. Walter), Röhrig, Ha. Schäfer

Final Group Standings

GermanyGermany FR (Q)4310123+97

Other results: Norway 2-3 Saarland; Saarland 0-0 Norway.

Goals Summary: Morlock (6), F. Walter (2), Rahn, Schäfer, O. Walter, Schade (1). Total 12.

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