The Fourth Star

OK, this is the final World Cup video blog, but there will be one more very short piece to come… I’ll leave you all to find out why. So, after just over a month of fantastic football in Brazil, the tournament is finally over and Germany have claimed their first world title in twenty-four years – becoming the first European team to win the tournament on Latin American soil.

Before the tournament nobody would believe this possible, but here I am talking about it. It’s still hard to take in.

Here you’ll get my review of the hard-fought encounter with Argentina in the Maracanã: the story of two nerve-shredding hours, the winning tactics of Nationaltrainer Joachim Löw and that sublime moment of magic seven minutes before the end of extra-time from Mario Götze.

Naturally, I am wearing the Nationaltrikot worn by the team on that wonderful and highly emotional day in Rio… While awaiting my new version with that fourth silver star!

The Fourth Star
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One thought on “The Fourth Star

  • July 20, 2014 at 11:42

    Great vlog Rick. I found myself nodding to all of your observations/comments. I too thought Boateng was MOTM. He was absolutely fantastic in the game. I thought Kroos was Germany’s worst player in the final. This team has the potential to do what Spain did over the last six years. Hopefully the success (and hard work) will continue. After the retirement of Lahm, I am wondering who will play right-back because I personally think Boateng should remain the rock at the centre of defence. He would be wasted at right back.
    It was a nice touch during the squad photo taken behind the World Champions hoarding for Mustafi to hold the 21 Reus shirt.


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