Euro 2012: Tournament Player Ratings

Now that the dust has started to settle on Euro 2012, it’s time for a general round up, and the overall player ratings. Rather than rehashing the figures I am simply going to take the easy way out and use the averages of all the ratings for the five matches played during the tournament, with scores being calculated for those players that spent more than ninety minutes on the field of play (including substitute appearances).

To provide a little bit of additional interest I will also provide the averages of the scores awarded by both Kicker Online and Bild.

Manuel Neuer

One of the major positives for Germany at this tournament. The FC Bayern ‘keeper showed that he has a big match temperament as well as passion, spirit and heart to accompany his already well-noted ability. Could no little nor nothing to prevent any of the goals the team conceded, but prevented a good few others and showed commanding presence in the box. He was even able to showcase his ability as a sweeper, and potentially as a centre-forward with an exceptional diving header in the desperate last few minutes against Italy. One can see a long future for Neuer in the national team, and even as a potential captain.

Appearances: 5
Average ratings: SuW: 2.30; Kicker: 2.40; Bild: 2.60
Highest ratings: SuW: 1 v POR; Kicker: 1.5 v POR, Netherlands; Bild: 1 v POR.

Jérôme Boateng

Despite being a natural centre-back, Boateng was more than adequate a left back without ever really excelling. Had solid performances against both Portugal and the Netherlands, but blotted his copybook slightly with two yellow cards that resulted in his suspension against Denmark. Was less impressive on his return to the side as he was beaten for pace (albeit with a little shirt-tug) by Georgios Samaras against Greece, and found himself out of position against Italy which led to the opening goal – though one could argue that this had less to do with Boateng than the coach’s tactics that saw him assume a more attacking role on the flank. Overall, a decent enough tournament.

Appearances: 4
Average ratings: SuW: 2.63; Kicker: 3.13; Bild: 3.00
Highest ratings: SuW: 1.5 v POR; Kicker: 2 v POR; Bild: 2 v POR.

Lars Bender

After two extremely short cameo appearances against Portugal and the Netherlands, young Lars Bender was drafted into the side against Denmark, covering for the suspended Jérôme Boateng. While it was clear that he was not in his most comfortable position, the Leverkusen man acquitted himself well, capping off what was an solid performance with a fine and calmly-taken winning goal after an eighty-yard run. Was benched after that, but a good first tournament overall.

Appearances: 3
Average ratings: SuW: 2.00; Kicker: 2.00; Bild: 3.00 (all one match)
Highest ratings: SuW: 2 v DEN; Kicker 2 v DEN; Bild: 2 v DEN.

Mats Hummels

The centre of one of the major selection debates ahead of the tournament, the Borussia Dortmund centre-back did enough to merit a permanent starting position ahead of the more experienced Per Mertesacker. After a slightly nervous start against Portugal was outstanding, a trend that he took into the next three matches where he showed that a decent defender doesn’t have to commit fouls or receive yellow cards. Unfortunately Hummels’ poorest match would be in the semi-final against Italy, when he allowed Antonio Cassano to get the crucial cross in for Mario Balotelli’s opener. He also picked up a yellow card late on, but this was probably more down to their overzealousness of the referee. Overall, an excellent tournament performance.

Appearances: 5
Average ratings: SuW: 2.50; Kicker: 2.60; Bild: 2.60
Highest ratings: SuW: 1 v POR; Kicker 1 v POR; Bild: 1 v POR.

Holger Badstuber

A fairly ordinary tournament for the FC Bayern München centre-back, who was solid enough without ever really shining. Showed excellent awareness and positioning to make up for his lack of pace, and turned in good performances alongside new defensive partner Mats Hummels in the earlier matches. Was arguably guilty of not doing enough to prevent Italy’s first goal in the semi-final, but should retain his place in the side. Badstuber has shown past ability to be a danger at attacking set-pieces, but apart from one decent chance against the Dutch he wasn’t able to make much of a showing: the generally poor set-pieces and corners probably didn’t help.

Appearances: 5
Average ratings: SuW: 2.80; Kicker: 2.90; Bild: 3.20
Highest ratings: SuW: 1.5 v NED; Kicker: 2 v NED; Bild: 2 v POR, NED.

Philipp Lahm

Given his usual high standard, Euro 2012 would not be the best tournament for the German skipper – even if he was selected by UEFA as a member of their select squad. It was a case of hot and cold: poor against Portugal, good against the Netherlands, average against Denmark, excellent against Greece, and ordinary against Italy. As one of the experienced players in the side he arguably didn’t do enough, but as with a number of others one would have to wonder how much this had to do with the coach’s tactics. For example against Greece when he was able to play a more attacking role, he looked his usual sharp self.

Appearances: 5
Average ratings: SuW: 2.90; Kicker: 3.00; Bild: 3.20
Highest ratings: SuW: 2 v GRE; Kicker: 2 v NED, Greece; Bild: 2 v NED, GRE.

Sami Khedira

For many, including myself, the Nationalmannschaft’s man of the tournament. Showed outstanding strength and vision, offered top-class distribution, and was inventive going forward. With Bastian Schweinsteiger having a poor tournament more would be demanded of the Real Madrid defensive midfielder, and he delivered on a consistent basis. Even in the game against Italy where the team produced its poorest display Khedira stood out; it has taken some time for other commentators and critics to appreciate his value to the side and the extent of his contribution, but the statistics speak for themselves. More significantly Khedira showed that he has developed into a first-class leader on the pitch.

Appearances: 5
Average ratings: SuW: 1.80; Kicker: 2.30; Bild: 2.80
Highest ratings: SuW: 1 v GRE; Kicker: 1 v GRE; Bild: 2 v POR, NED, GRE.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

After a noteworthy 2010 World Cup campaign, the man seen as Germany’s experienced midfield engine failed to deliver. It became clear as the tournament went on that Schweinsteiger was not fully fit, and may have also been suffering mental fatigue after what had been a hugely disappointing season for his club. His passing was erratic for the most part, and one stand-out performance against the Dutch withstanding the remainder of his performances were ordinary at best. Alongside the excellent Sami Khedira, a fit Schweinsteiger might have spurred this German side onto bigger and better things, and he remains a crucial part of this developing side.

Appearances: 5
Average ratings: SuW: 3.70; Kicker: 4.00; Bild: 3.80
Highest ratings: SuW: 1 v NED; Kicker: 2 v NED; Bild: 2 v NED.

Lukas Podolski

Scored with his right foot in winning his landmark 100th cap, and that was about it in what was a forgettable tournament for a man who appears to be running on empty and relying on little more than the coach’s goodwill. One doesn’t want to criticise a player too heavily, but Podolski could best be described as listless, useless, and – on more than one occasion – simply gormless. Though tasked with a more defensive-minded role early on, his forays forward were as predictable as they were unproductive. Given the number of alternatives on the bench it remains a mystery why Podolski was given four starts.

Appearances: 4
Average ratings: SuW: 4.63; Kicker: 3.88; Bild: 4.00
Highest ratings: SuW: 3.5 v DEN; Kicker: 3 v NED, DEN; Bild: 3 v NED, DEN.

André Schürrle

Came on as a second-half subsitute against Denmark and started against Greece, and while not being fantastic clearly offered a whole lot more than Lukas Podolski out on the left wing. Provided energy in the game against Denmark and looked dangerous at times against the Greeks, but started to get increasingly greedy in shooting when a simple pass would have sufficed. Offers excellent pace and movement however, and had an excellent opportunity to nudge ahead of Podolski in the pecking order.

Appearances: 2
Average ratings: SuW: 3.00; Kicker: 4.5 (one match); Bild: 3.00
Highest ratings: SuW: 2.5 v DEN; Kicker: 4.5 v GRE; Bild: 3 v DEN.

Mesut Özil

A difficult tournament to gauge for the mercurial midfield maestro, who perhaps more than anybody else found himself stifled by the tactics employed by the coach. The slightly more defensive approach certainly didn’t fit with Özil’s free-flowing game, and the only occasion when he was able to express himself in the match against Greece when he was provided with the perfect supporting cast. Not surprisingly, this produced Özil’s best performance of the tournament. Overall, he wasn’t quite able to live up to the pre-tournament hype.

Appearances: 5
Average ratings: SuW: 2.70; Kicker: 3.50; Bild: 3.20
Highest ratings: SuW: 1 v GRE; Kicker: 2 v GRE; Bild: 1 v GRE.

Mario Götze

Got to play some tournament football when he came on late against Greece, but the youngest player in the squad will be looking at Brazil 2014 for his chance to shine on the international stage.

Appearances: 1
No ratings

Toni Kroos

After three late group-stage appearances Kroos would be the most surprising starter for the semi-final against Italy, where he was tasked with a role that still remains a mystery. Kroos was neither good nor bad, and his average performance probably had more to do with his playing out of position and the coach’s tactics.

Appearances: 4
Average ratings: SuW: 4.00; Kicker: 4.50; Bild: 5.00 (all one match)
Highest ratings: SuW: 4 v ITA; Kicker: 4.5 v ITA; Bild: 5 v GRE.

Thomas Müller

After a stunning World Cup in 2010 where he finished as winner of the Golden Boot, this was a disappointing tournament for Müller, who despite being asked to play a more defensive role missed the few golden opportunities he had to get on the scoresheet. However, he offers far more to the side than just goals, and Müller was his usual unpredictable self in disrupting the opposition. He may not be the most fleet-footed player in this current German squad, but he more than makes up for this with his intelligence, tactical awareness and passion.

Appearances: 4
Average ratings: SuW: 3.10; Kicker: 2.83; Bild: 3.25
Highest ratings: SuW: 3 v POR, NED, DEN, GRE Kicker: 2 v NED; Bild: 2 v NED.

Marco Reus

One of the more exciting and energetic players in the squad, who arguably didn’t get enough match time. Made his first tournament appearance against Greece and impressed, and came on as a second-half substitute against Italy when perhaps he should have started. Scored a spectacular volleyed goal against the Greeks to give notice of his arrival on the international stage.

Appearances: 2
Average ratings: SuW: 2.25; Kicker: 2.50; Bild: 3.50
Highest ratings: SuW: 1.5 v GRE; Kicker: 1.5 v GRE; Bild: 2 v GRE.

Mario Gómez

In terms of returns, an good tournament for the FC Bayern München striker, who justified the coach’s faith in him by finishing as the tournament’s joint-top scorer with three goals and one (very accidental) assist. However the question still remains as to whether he is the best man for the job, given that his style is not best suited to the way the team plays. His lack of link-up play left him looking isolated at times, but when he did get his chances he put them away with aplomb. While Gómez may look out of place at times, there is no doubting his goalscoring ability.

Appearances: 4
Average ratings: SuW: 3.00; Kicker: 3.13; Bild: 3.25
Highest ratings: SuW: 1 v NED; Kicker: 1 v NED; Bild: 1 v NED.

Miroslav Klose

The oldest player in the squad would appear in all of Germany’s five matches, but would make the starting lineup just the once against Greece – where he provided a good illustration of the difference he can make to the players around him, particularly Mesut Özil. After the game against Greece Klose should perhaps have started in the semi-final against Italy, but when he was introduced at the start of the second half he found himself well marshalled by the Italian defence. Clearly not as pacy as he used to be, but scored one well-taken goal to take him a nudge close to Gerd Müller’s long-standing record.

Appearances: 5
Average ratings: SuW: 3.00 (four matches); Kicker: 3.75 (three matches); Bild: 3.33 (four matches)
Highest ratings: SuW: 2 v GRE; Kicker: 2.5 v GRE; Bild: 3 v DEN, GRE.

Euro 2012: Tournament Player Ratings
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