An Unwanted Site Update

To all my followers, let’s just say that I was teetering on the brink of taking the entire site down this weekend and concentrating on keeping my writing project running offline. Yes, I cannot get the bloody images issue out of my head.

Of course, this would be cutting off my nose to spite not just my face but also the many others who have over the last three years or so have enjoyed the site. There have been some some fantastic comments and feedback and this has always been warmly appreciated.

In short, I have carried out a cull of all the images on the site, leaving just my own items and the team list thumbnails, all of which are no larger than 225px in width or height. In fact, given that these small thumbnails were among the images that have caused the most grief I am considering removing these and just keeping the 24x24px icons.

The truth is that if I want to keep this site running, I am not going to take any risks. I would rather concentrate on my writing rather than have to deal with some money-grubbing bar steward who believes that their business is going to collapse on account of a handful of thumbnail-sized jpegs on a non-profit website.

Naja, life goes on.

An Unwanted Site Update
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