A Thing of Beauty

Over the past month and a bit it has been a busy time. Over forty articles and reports covering the buildup, the tournament, the reviews and the tributes – with more to come as I round off what has been a real Sommermärchen. Sometimes arriving home emotionally shattered and occasionally a bit worse for wear, it has been a struggle at times – but every moment spent has been worthwhile.

However, there are some things you can find on the Internet that can bring everything flooding back in the space of a few minutes. Things that touch a nerve, magical moments that can make one’s hair stand on end and bring a tear to the eye.

This is probably one of the best video reviews out there – hats off to shadiego – even if he is a Werder Bremen fan! Covering the entire march to the fourth star in just over six minutes, it captures every moment perfectly – with a nice little touch at the end featuring Lukas Podolski and his son Louis. Thanks to Anne Güntert for pointing this one out for me!

In the next few days I will be posting a few more pieces, including one on the recently-retired Philipp Lahm… For now, I’ll just be putting down the car roof and blasting out that 1990 classic, Wir sind schon auf dem Brenner

A Thing of Beauty
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One thought on “A Thing of Beauty

  • July 25, 2014 at 17:17

    Thanks for linking it….still goosebumps after watching it after the umpteenth time! Puts you in a good mood even after watching the 50 biggest scandals in the WorldCup fron BBC3 (I did that!). AS a fellow Badener I am so proud that so great things have emerged from Schönau in the Black Forest.. 🙂


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