OK, there is plenty of information, statistics and trivia to be found here on Schwarz und Weiss; even at this early stage in the project I’d say that there is probably enough to fill a couple of decently-sized reference books. However there are other sources of information and entertainment that I would say that you should be having a look at if you are a fan of the Nationalmannschaft: here is a selection of items that you can purchase from amazon.co.uk.

Red Odyssey: An FC Bayern Fan Journey (Paperback)

List Price: £14.99 GBP
New From: £14.47 GBP In Stock
Used from: £14.42 GBP In Stock

The ultimate FC Bayern München fan history, written by the creator of Schwarz und Weiß. Red Odyssey is journey lasting almost decades, a labour of love following the high and lows of Germany’s most famous football club. Written by an FC Bayern fan for FC Bayern fans, but there is something for all German football enthusiasts. In buying a copy, you will also be supporting the Schwarz und Weiß website and other projects!

Das Reboot: How German Football Reinvented Itself and Conquered the World (Paperback)

List Price: £9.99 GBP
New From: £5.29 GBP In Stock
Used from: £4.99 GBP In Stock

A wonderful take on the astonishing revival of German football, from the nadir of Euro 2000 to the triumph at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. Another wonderful analysis from the excellent Raphael Honigstein, which will bring back old memories for all fans of the Mannschaft as well as the story of the recovery engineered by the DFB and masterminded by Jürgen Klinsmann and Jogi Löw.

Matchdays: The Hidden Story of the Bundesliga (Paperback)

List Price: £9.99 GBP
New From: £6.26 GBP In Stock
Used from: £6.21 GBP In Stock

A wonderfully unorthodox history of the Bundesliga, told through the memories of former player Heinz Hoeher. A journeyman who played for both VfL Bochum and 1. FC Nürnberg, Hoeher’s story is both enlightening and informative, providing the reader with a look at German football from the inside – in a world far removed from the glamour and money of the big teams.

Der feine Unterschied: Wie man heute Spitzenfußballer wird (Paperback)

List Price: £8.21 GBP
New From: £8.05 GBP In Stock
Used from: £2.21 GBP In Stock

The book of the moment – Philipp Lahm’s now controversial autobiography where he provides a frank and open analysis of the game today as well as an honest – perhaps too honest – analysis of the coaches he has worked with at both club and national level. Der feine Unterschied – “The Subtle Difference” – is nowhere close to being as controversial as Toni Schumacher’s Anpfiff, but has certainly made the headlines following its pre-publication serialisation in Bild.

Tor!: The Story of German Football (Paperback)

List Price: £9.99 GBP
New From: £6.27 GBP In Stock
Used from: £2.84 GBP In Stock

A fantastic history of German football, and a marvellous companion to this site. Uli Hesse provides a sober analysis, and provides a number of interesting stories that do much to bust many of the myths surrounding the Nationalmannschaft. His honesty is refreshing and he is straight and to the point in his analysis of some of the more controversial moments in Germany’s football history.

Englischer Fussball: A German View of Our Beautiful Game (Paperback)

List Price: £14.99 GBP
New From: £8.40 GBP In Stock
Used from: £0.05 GBP In Stock

Journalist Raphael Honigstein will be a familiar name to those who would have either watched Sky’s Bundesliga coverage or read his regular column in the Guardian; here he provides an uniquely German perspective on English football that is both interesting and enlightening.

English-language biographical portrait of the former Nationalkapitän. An interesting and easy read tracking Ballack’s career from his youth in the former GDR and his development in the Bundesliga and the German national team to his big-money transfer to Chelsea.

The Best of Enemies: England v. Germany, a Century of Football Rivalry (Hardcover)

List Price: £16.99
New From: £20.00 GBP In Stock
Used from: £0.01 GBP In Stock

David Downing’s well-written history of football’s greatest rivalry – OK, England’s greatest rivalry – is an interesting read, both for the excellent match reports and historical context. There are a few errors here and there – for instance Stefan Reuter gets the blame for Thomas Berthold’s involvement in the 1990 Gazza yellow card incident – but the book provides an excellent overview of the rivalry between the two nations both at national and club level.

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